• What are you currently working on?

    I’m currently working on three series—the Steel Brothers Saga, the Gems of Wolfe Island, and a new series that is set in the Follow Me universe.

  • Will your books be made into movies or TV shows?

    Anything is possible! But as of right now nothing is in the works.

  • Can I pre-order your books?

    Yes! New releases will be available for pre-order on Amazon, Nook, iBooks, GooglePlay, and Kobo. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter here on the website to receive updates on release dates and pre-order links.

  • How many books are in the Steel Brothers  Saga?

    The total number of books for the Steel Brothers Saga is to be determined. You can start reading the series now with Craving!

  • Can you tell us more about you?

    I was a nerd in high school, definitely not one of the popular people. My favorite high school memories are of band (I played clarinet and alto horn) and newspaper (I was the layout and design manager.) In college I majored in French with a concentration in Women’s Studies. I still keep in touch with my best friends from high school and college.

  • Are your stories based off of real people or your experiences?

    Some of my characters might bear a slight resemblance to people I know, but for the most part, they’re products of my imagination. Some of my experiences contribute to my stories (for example, Jade Roberts of Craving is an attorney, as am I) but again, most of my story lines are purely fictional.

  • What is your writing ritual?

    I need my laptop and my recliner. I know a lot of authors use playlists while they write, but I usually write in silence.

  • What are your favorite pastimes?

    I try to exercise regularly (though as of this writing, I’ve missed the last couple of months…) I used to belly dance, but now my exercise of choice is walking or running. I love traveling. I’ve been to France, Austria, Jamaica, and Korea, to name only a few. I love sampling each culture’s cooking as I’m an avid foodie…which is why I need that regular exercise! My very favorite pastime is probably snuggling in a blanket with a good book and a glass of wine.